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December 13, 2012 / staceyj

A Griswold Family Christmas

We are having a bit of a Griswold family Christmas.  Not in the ‘lights on every ounce of our house’ sort of way.  But more in the vein of ‘a very large Christmas tree on top of our car heading to our home’ kind of way.


We don’t drive a family ‘truckster’ but we do drive a Sequoia.  A Sequoia is a very large vehicle so it makes our equally large Christmas tree look little.  But it isn’t.  It measured right around 8 feet tall and is very, very full.  It doesn’t look big in the great outdoors.  But let’s just say that when we brought it home it required some pretty serious pruning.

Christmas Tree Farm

One of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions includes heading to a local tree farm and picking out the season’s tree.  We always go on Black Friday, formerly known as the day after Thanksgiving, rain or shine.

It was cold.  It was windy.  It was frigid.  It was chilly.  It was breezy.  It was not ideal for my easily frost-bitten extremities.  But traditions are traditions people!  Did I mention it was cold?

The kids didn’t seem to mind.  They are bundled up and ready to search out the perfect tree.

Christmas Tree Farm

Beaut.One informed us awhile ago that she wants to be a photographer when she grows up.  Or a doctor.  Or a ballerina.  Or a hairdresser.  Hey, she likes to keep her options open.  Here she is trying to figure out how to snap photos with her bulky gloves on.  She hasn’t quite learned that the perfect photograph doesn’t wait for you to remove your comforts.  She wanted to document our day but decided it was too cold about five shots in.

Christmas Tree Farm

Beaut.two is our Christmas Tree Finder Extraordinaire.  He has business cards.  He so desperately wants to be the one to spy the perfect evergreen this year.  And his extremely scientific search method?  Run to each and every tree and ask if it’s the one!

Christmas Tree Farm

Is this it?  Seriously, this beaut is a pretty awesome tree.  Awesome.

Christmas Tree Farm

Hey guys!  How about this one?  And if you are really interested in reliving our tree hunt adventure, repeat this question at least 25 more times.

Christmas Tree Farm

Beaut.One has not one ounce of interest in being the one that picks the perfect tree.  Not one.

Christmas Tree Farm

Beau gathered up his bevy of beauties and led them to the promised land!  The Chosen One.  This beautiful, lovely and large Fraser Fir.  The sun was literally shining on it, beckoning our family to take it home.  And then the following conversation took place:

Me:  “It’s lovely honey but it looks rather large.”
Beau: “No, it’s just really full.”
Me: “Full is a fancy word for large.  This thing is large.”
Beau, with his Clark W. Griswold eyes: “It is perfect.”
Me: “Oh Sparky!”

Christmas Tree Farm

Our family beaming with evergreen pride!

Christmas Tree Farm

While the tree farm elves shook out our tree, netted it and tied it to our truck, we took a horse-drawn wagon ride.

We aren’t really this happy.  Our faces are still frozen from the previous photograph.  Did I mention it was cold?

Christmas Tree Farm

Beaut.two took a turn at the reins.

Me: “Look at mama so I can snap your picture!  Now quick, watch where you’re driving us boy!”

Christmas Tree Farm

Two beautiful horses gave us a tour of the tree farm.  The rest of my bevy is huddled under a blanket clinging to each other for warmth.  Clinging!

Christmas Tree Farm

The wagon stopped so some brave souls could get off and cut their own tree down.  Beaut.two wanted to join them but I lured him away with the promise of trains and hot chocolate in the gift shop.  We always stop at the farm’s gift shop to thaw out and buy our annual ornament.  By the time we leave I am usually sweating, but for two very different reasons.

Reason #1: The hot chocolate is very delicious and very hot and warms me from top to toe.
Reason #2: I am chasing the children to ensure they are not touching all the very pretty but very breakable ornaments.

Christmas Tree Farm

Once home, Beau went and got all manly on us.  Let’s just say that Carhartts were involved.  But I am very happy to report that no chainsaws were.

Christmas Tree Farm

However, some pretty serious pruning took place.  And while that minor surgery was taking place in the garage, the kiddos and I wrestled the lights.

Christmas Tree Farm

And gave me her most convincing Scrooge.

Christmas Tree Farm

She later channeled her inner Tiny Tim and put the star on top of the tree.  Let the Christmas season officially begin!

Christmas Tree Farm

If you look closely, you can see how the star is grazing the ceiling.  Perfect.  It is just perfect.

Christmas Tree Farm

I love this time of year! Do you guys prefer real or not-so-real trees?  We have both on display in our home so we are equal opportunity around here.

P.S. More posts on Christmas around these parts to come!


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