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September 20, 2013 / staceyj

A Few Things I’m Hearting This Fall…

I heart fall.  Without a doubt, my favorite season.  Cooler days, football games, sweaters, excuses to snuggle, back to school excitement for me (distraction-free errand running…woo hoo!) and the kids (they do love school!) and trips to the apple orchard all contribute to the love.

Fall Fun

I am beyond excited to head back to our local fall must-stop, Center Grove Orchard.  I mean, who doesn’t dream of racing around in an adult-size-pedal-tractor leaving those you love literally in the dust?  Prior to experiencing these, I had spent my entire motherhood just sitting back and watching my littles race around in vehicles of all types: Barbie Jeeps, pedal tractors, John Deere Gators, too many Little Tikes thingys to mention and let’s not forget the entire Radio Flyer catalog that has taken up residence in my garage!  But no more mere spectating for this lady!  No more!

Fall Fun

And if you really want to dominate on the track as long as your racing heart desires, swim in the corn pool until you have taken on a dusty glow and ride down the BIG slide over and over without ever waiting your turn, we recommend heading to this local treasure on a week night.  They are open until 7 pm and when we ventured there on a late Tuesday afternoon last year, we pretty much had the run of the place to ourselves until close!

Fall Fun

Other things I am hearting this fall: this houndstooth welcome mat that has found a new home under our red front door.  I picked this one up at our local Target for $12.99. (Photo is sans door because I couldn’t get a good shot of just the door and the mat without also capturing my dead flowers in their pots (We are in a serious drought and they gave up the good fight!) and the dirt/dried grass that have been captured by numerous spider webs surrounding our front steps.  Can I blame the drought and extreme heat on that too?  Thanks for listening.


Another Target find?  Yes, indeed-y.  I picked up these two method Fall Collection soaps for the kids bathroom for $2.99 each.  They both smell divine but I am a particular fan of the dulce de leche.  I blame my sweet tooth teeth.

Method Soap

Speaking of sweet…the greatest spread to have EVER been created, packaged and sold for under $4.00 is Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.  Ever since Beau saw a woman in our local Trader Joe’s search for, find and then possessively grab a jar of this sweet stuff like it was her job, it has been a staple in our home.  It truly is a delicious spread that we have enjoyed for all the seasons but if you haven’t tried it yet…fall is the time!  I spread mine on a whole wheat bagel for an easy breakfast.  I have also been known to put a spoonful of this heaven-in-a-jar in my morning coffee.

Cookie Butter

Another fall trend I can get squarely behind: the selfie!  I mean it is so popular it now has an official definition in both the Oxford and Urban Dictionaries.  The selfie side of me is so glad my husband has long arms and took two semesters of college-level photography…so glad!


In the category of things I’m NOT exactly hearting this fall: these!  They actually sell these…at stores…as food!  Why, oh why?  Note to self: Add Box of Boogies to my list of things I don’t understand.  It will join fat-free chips and Monday mornings.

Not Fall Fun

On a completely unrelated note, don’t leave your son’s story time craft made of milk chocolate chips in the front seat of your car on a hot and sunny fall day while you get groceries, blissfully unaware.

Not Fall Fun

Oh…and then certainly don’t place your J.Crew handbag on top of said melt-y craft when you return to the car.  Really!?!?  Really!?!?  And instead of weeping uncontrollably I opted to laugh when my son, upon seeing the mess, says, “Mom, I can’t believe you ruined my craft.”  That’s right son.  The 20 cents worth of chocolate chips will indeed be hard to replace.  Indeed.

Not Fall Fun

What are you hearting this fall?  Happy fall Friday friends!



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  1. Denise / Sep 20 2013 3:52 pm

    Ooooh, I heart fall, too! I found a new recipe that is a copycat for Starbucks pumpkin loaf. My tummy, my kids & my wallet are all very happy. Blessings for a fab fall….

    • staceyj / Sep 21 2013 10:33 am

      That sounds delish! Have a wonderful weekend!

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