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Lovin’ Life

We give it the ol’ college try around here to embrace and love life.  Some days I am amazed at my ability to just go with the flow, laugh despite the chaos & crazy and throw caution to the wind.  But I will be the first to admit I can spend entirely too much time worrying, wondering and missing the beauty in the midst right in front of me.  But when the stars align and I land squarely on the side of remembering what is truly important, well, that’s where the real beauty happens.  These truly are my favorite posts…and I hope my beauts will grow to love them one day as much as I do.

Twenty Thirteen (2013) Fun

Fall Round-Up   Around These Parts   Family Vacation Photos   Since we last spoke...

Twenty Twelve (2012) Fun

Christmas Programs & Weather   Christmas Tree Farm   Happy Thanksgiving!   Fam at Dance Recital   Mother's Day   Pella Tulip Time   Tire Swing   Night Rider

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