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October 14, 2013 / staceyj

Around these parts…

Around these parts life has kept us busy, under the weather, dressing up as superheroes and sporting new red and pink hairdos.  You too?  Oh good.  I was convinced we were the only ones.

Around These Parts

Around these parts we have been spending as much time as we can soaking up these last beautiful days before winter hits.  I tell my kids, “Trust me.  Cold days are coming.  You need to enjoy the outdoors now.  NOW!  In mere days, Iowa will turn on us and we will be reduced to merely remembering what fresh air in our lungs feels like.” (Imagine this last sentence spoken with extreme levels of drama by a woman who in her advanced age is convinced that 50 degrees requires at minimum a parka, scarf and some sort of hat.)

I’ve been saying this for weeks now.  They no longer believe me.  It is still 80 degrees in mid-October.  My children are turning on me much faster than these seasons are changing.

Around These Parts

Around these parts we had to teach a quick refresher course on the difference between napkins and your wardrobe.  I kid you not when I say that this picture was taken when we were only two meals in for the day.  We still had a snack or two and supper to go.  Geesh.

Me: “Son, how does your shirt get that gnarly by noon?”

Beaut.two: Looking down at his shirt, “Mom, that’s just a yittle (that’s how he says little) bit of yogurt.  I was too busy eating to get a napkin.”

Me: “Can we use a napkin instead each time we eat?  Clothes are so not meant for this.”

Beaut.two: While wiping a pointer finger covered in peanut butter on his already soiled T-shirt, “Did you mean now?  You probably meant now.  I’m getting a napkin.”

Around These Parts

Around these parts we are never ones to pass up a stage or an impromptu performance.  I am sorry you missed it.  It was a spectacular show full of wonder, magic, dance and prose.  The birds, squirrels, beetles and I cheered until there was an encore.

Around These Parts

And around these parts this is what an encore looks like…leaping…

Around These Parts

…and jumping…

Around These Parts

…and a very, very interesting final bow.

Around These Parts

Around these parts we have begun to slowly prepare for Beaut.two’s birthday party.  I have been cutting out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle masks and wearing them around.  I don’t really wear them per say.  What I mean is I am only trying them on to ensure their safety before the sweet precious children come to the party and wear them.  The sacrifices a mother must make.

Around These Parts

Around these parts we have had some confused moments…

Around These Parts

…and some downright silly moments.  (If we didn’t laugh…OFTEN…we just might cry.)

Around These Parts

Around these parts we have experimented with new and interesting hair styles…

Around These Parts

…and have taken up putting bunny ears on brother as he smiles away…blissfully unaware.

Around These Parts

Around these parts we have captured our school spirit…

Around These Parts

…and we always find time to catch a nap or two.  You know you are good at this whole sleeping gig when you can effectively catch some ZZZs while standing up and keeping your eyes wide open.

Around These Parts

And in between it all…around these parts…we have found the time to help save the world.

Around These Parts

These poor kids have spent all their free time flying back and forth to Washington lately.  No wonder we are all so exhausted.

Around These Parts

Around these parts we are grateful, happy, tired, joyful, messy and blessed beyond measure.



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  1. Denise / Oct 14 2013 1:35 pm

    Awww, I love reading about and seeing photos of what’s going on “around these parts”! Looks like life is fun, as always, in “your neck of the woods”! Blessings . . ..

    • staceyj / Oct 14 2013 2:03 pm

      Thanks Denise! I hope things around your parts are good well too. Hugs.

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