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March 22, 2012 / staceyj

Cowboy Party: Part One

In celebration of Spring Break, I thought I would feature one of my beauty’s recent birthday parties.  When I think Spring Break, I think party.  At least I did when I was a co-ed.  Now when I think Spring Break I think spring cleaning and naps.  Ah, the beauty of aging.

Beaut.two’s birthday party theme this year was cowboy.  When I initially presented him with the idea of having a cowboy party he wasted no time with getting on board.  Well, after he first asked if he could have another Batman party.  But once I explained that cowboys are really Batmans on horseback, he was all in!

With birthday theme firmly decided, the next line of business was to create the all-important invitation.  I knew I wanted to go the ‘Wanted Poster’ route, so I immediately began snapping photos of Beaut.two in his cowboy get-up for his ‘mug shot’!  As his mother I pray this is the only mug shot my son ever poses for.  Isn’t the vest and shirt just adorable?  What you can’t see is the matching chaps.!  My friend Christine’s mom did the amazing sewing job…I cannot take one stitch (pun totally intended) of credit.  I did buy the hat.

Once I snapped the perfect picture of my little outlaw, I went about the business of designing the invitation.  Note: I photoshopped out a few important data elements to protect the innocent!  It looks a little strange and the missing words don’t do the invite justice, but safety first!

The text reads:



Please help us round up this outlaw for the crime of growing up too fast!
Word has it he’ll be at the Xxxxxxxxx Ranch Sunday, December 11 from 4 to 6 pm.

Help us capture him and you’ll be greatly rewarded with tasty grub and boot stompin’ fun!
Let us know if you can be part of our posse by calling Stacey at xxx.xxxx.

I created the whole invite in Microsoft Word.  Now I know there are more design-friendly programs out there and another one of my life goals is to learn them (just like that whole sewing dream) but for now I go with what I know.  I have two small children, a dog and a DVR filled to the brim with life-changing viewing.  When would a girl like me possibly find the time?

I just printed the invites out on nice card stock and burned the edges with a lighter.  Yes, every single invite, every single edge.  Yes, I started the paper on fire and then frantically blew it out again before the whole invitation went up in flames.  Yes, it was during the winter so I sat on my porch with the door open just enough so I wouldn’t freeze but open just enough for the ashes to drift out.  Yes, I still have some minor nerve damage on my right thumb.  Yes, I love my son.

Next, on to the party decor.  Here is a breakdown of what I used in the dining room.
Tablecloth: Red and tan checkered fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric
Table runner: Chocolate burlap from Jo-Ann Fabric
Table: Small straw bales from Wal-mart, spurs from Hobby Lobby, invitations in frames we already had
Chair: Sign from Hobby Lobby

The birthday boy’s chair is featured in this photo.  The sign on the chair is from Hobby Lobby.  They have a great western decor section.  If you hit it when everything is 50% off (which usually happens every few weeks), it is literally cheaper than paper stuff from a party store.  And way cuter.

All the balloons were tied with twine from Home Depot.  Note the Christmas tree in the background.  My son’s birthday parties are always an interesting blend of birthday and Christmas.  Last year took the cake with bats on the wall and my nativity scene on display.

The straw bales totally (my son’s favorite word right now) helped set the scene but I was still fishing straw out of my living room rug in early February.

On the fireplace are horses on parade…and garland.  Christmas-time birthdays make me giggle.  I bought plain Creatology horse cut-outs at Michaels and painted them with craft paint to match the party theme colors.

What cowboy party would be complete without this guy?  My dear mother-in-law let us borrow this life-like horse.  I grew up with horses and I can assure you I was relieved that I didn’t have to clean up after this party guest.

Well, that’s a wrap on today’s party break-down.  Join me tomorrow for Cowboy Party: Part Deux.  See what we ate, what we gave as party favors and other fun party details.  Happy Trails until then!


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  1. Katie Karaffa / Oct 5 2015 2:25 pm

    Totally using your wording. So cute. Thanks for the idea!


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