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March 12, 2012 / staceyj

Let The Light Shine…Just Not In Here!

For many, longer days are a welcome guest…a certain sign of spring.  And if it weren’t for Beaut.two’s uncanny ability to sense the first sign of morning light, seemingly anywhere in the contiguous United States and then proceed to wake the entire house, it would be welcome here too.  After all, we are huge fans of longer days.  We prefer our drive home from work to not be under the dark of night.  We enjoy yawn-free dinners and actually reading a book without nodding off two pages in.  Plus, when the days are longer it gives us more time to go on bike rides and long walks.  You know, stay in a vertical position past 7:00.  So we certainly are not anti-longer days.  But we are definitely anti-dude, you just woke me up way too early again folk.

So with the days growing longer, my daffodils peeking out of the soil, and daylight savings making its bi-annual appearance (and by the way, stealing a precious hour of my sleep) all reminding us spring is right around the corner, we knew now was the time for us to get our act together and do something to trick our son’s sunny sixth sense.  (Try saying that three times fast.)  We are shameless around here when it comes to the sleep.

As you can see, Beaut.two’s windows were previously covered with just wooden blinds.  No match for his well-honed and supreme sense of light.

So we went shopping…looking to bring a little, scratch that, a lot of darkness to this space.

First, we headed to Pottery Barn Kids and scored two 63″ navy, grommet canvas panels and two 84″ ones.  Bonus: there were having a 20% off sale!  Someone in that marketing department is very, very wise.  And has likely had a child with this extreme light sensing ability too.  Bless you and your understanding, tired self!  Now we would normally purchase the same size panels for all the windows in the same room, but my son’s bedroom has a window seat/toy box directly under one of his windows.  The 63″ panels fit perfectly there, while the 84″ would have been too long.

Then off to hunt for some drapery rods.  My son’s ceiling has a pretty sharp slant so we didn’t have much clearance for the rods, much less fancy finials.  Small and simple was going to win the race today.  At Target I bought two of these Room Essentials Ball Cafe Drapery Rods in black, about $17 each.  Affordable and attractive, yes please!

On to the installation.  Beau gathered some tools…

…and the cutest assistant ever…

…and got about the business of bringing us one step closer to some much needed sleep.  As you can see, was happily on board with this plan too.  She has fallen prey many a morning to the early rising, raring to go, seriously, why are you awake right now? phenom that is her brother.

With installation well on its way, we are one step closer to sleepy, sleep.

Beau is standing on the window seat/toy box to install rod #2.  And bless his heart, he is working so diligently and professionally even while his head is stuck to the ceiling.

And all I have running through my head is, “Tall guy in a little space.  Tall guy in a little space.”  Think Chris Farley singing “Fat guy in a little coat.” while wearing David Spade’s jacket in Tommy Boy.

And we’re back…to the installation…

20 short minutes later we gazed upon this glorious sight.  The 84″ panels installed.

And the 63″ ones too!

I would show you what they look like in action, all closed up, but it was too dark in there to get a good shot.  My first positive sign that this was a great investment.  And the verdict?  Let’s just say that when we first heard the pitter-patter of Beaut.two’s feet this morning, there was nearly a seven on the clock.  Miraculous seven!  And his nap this afternoon?  Three beautiful hours.  My only question now…what were we waiting for?

What are you looking forward to most as the days grow longer?

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