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February 24, 2012 / staceyj

Seasons Change. People Change. (insert Expose’s 1988 #1 hit music here)

I know that when I woke up this morning winter had left a surprise.

And even though we haven’t had a bad winter this year at all…

…I had already moved on to spring in my own simple, little mind.

After all, I have already purchased a new, spring trench coat.  Doesn’t Mother Nature know what that means?

Well since Ms. Nature didn’t get the message with the jacket purchase maybe she will get the spring wake-up call when I exchange my winter pillow covers for my non-winter ones.  Yeah, that should work.

I absolutely love pillows and have been known to obsessively buy them.  And then I discovered pillow covers.  Brilliant!  They are so easy to store.  And affordable too since you don’t have to buy the insert after the first time.  This is one of the pillow covers that flanked my couch during the holiday/winter season.

And this one found a cozy home in our leather chair.

This is its plush, green, velvety backside.  It took quite a bit of coaxing but I finally got it to agree to be photographed in such a revealing manner.

To switch you just unzip, remove insert, put on new cover, done!

From pine cones to pretty pattern in an instant.  From winter to not in a moment.  I think Mother Nature could learn a thing a two from pillow covers.

This is the pillow cover I snagged last fall on the sale table at Pottery Barn.

Here it is at full attention with Old Faithful (my blue pillow cover sees me through many, many seasons).

You can get pillow covers from a lot of different stores.  Look at these adorable animal portrait hooked wool pillow covers from Garnet Hill.  The pastel colors and playful theme scream spring!

Or consider these family portrait pillow covers also from Garnet Hill.  They are customizable and you can choose from 35 line-drawn characters to represent your brood.  I am currently plotting where I can put one of these little works of art in my home.

And here is another lovely option.  Nothing says spring like a butterfly.  I am selfishly posting this pillow cover in the hopes that it will fulfill my desire to hop online and buy this little number right now.  I mean Old Faithful (blue pillow cover standing at attention a few pictures up) would be so happy next to this Pottery Barn creation.  So very, very happy.

My grandmother gave me my first exposure to the idea that decor can change when the season changes….or in my case, apparently whenever you feel like it.  That beautiful lady has a fake flower arrangement for every holiday, season or occasion one can dream up…and then some.  Same goes for dinnerware.  What changes do you make in your home to reflect the change of seasons?  And if you don’t what are you waiting for?  I mean spring is only a pillow cover away!

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